Portrait News beauté


Portrait study – News beauté

Study of a second portrait for sale for the realization of the triptych “News beauté”

Tryptique News beauté, original paintings of odalisques by David AL
Triptych “News beauty

For the realization of the News beauté triptych I realized two study portraits that I put on sale on davidalstore.com.
The other study portrait available for purchase is visible by clicking the following link: Study portrait News beauty.
These portraits were the subject of an approach concerning the idea of beauty, its subjective possibilities and by analogy to its symbolic dimension in the representation.
For the main character of the triptych I used a figure that is part of our heritage of beauty: the sculpture “Odalisque” by James Pradier (1841), which is on display today at the Musée des Beaux Art in Lyon.
What interests me in this choice concerns the idea undergoing the effects of a temporality. An opportunity for me to reappropriate in painting an obsolete symbol in its representation. And if for some this approach could be similar to a form of disguise of the reality, for others it will be a real meeting.

Then the actuality of the beauty, does it invite us to desire differently?

This original painting is part of the “Off-série” collection of paintings for sale on davidalstore. This collection of spontaneous works leaves a place for the unknown in my production. It is the clock of a production in becoming for the realization of new original collections.

Détails de l'oeuvre

Détails de l'oeuvre

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Portrait News beauté

Acrylic on canvas
50x50cm, 2021


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