Domestic Thermal

Oil on canvas,
38x46cm, 2019


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    Domestic Thermal


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    Domestic Thermal

    I painted the “Domestic Thermal” at a time when I was immersed in reading about alchemy. The interweaving of signs and symbols used by the alchemists allows one to follow and observe a complete process of research through successive stages. The creation and reappropriation of symbols constitute a language in itself. This linguistic construction of a graphic system sampled from the figurative to the abstract is a source of inspiration in my search for an existential representation in painting. The importance of a vocabulary of one’s own as well as a conscious preparation for the experience and its potential consequences for the experimenter define quite well the intentions that guide my productions.

    This original painting is part of the “Off-series” collection of paintings for sale on davidalstore. This collection of spontaneous works leaves a place for the unknown in my production. It is the clock of a production in becoming for the realization of new original collections.

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