David AL in his studio

Who is David AL?

My name is David Antonio Loureiro. David AL is my artist name. Currently I live and work in Normandy, France.
I practice painting since the age of thirteen. I studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Rouen and at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier in Art option. After graduating in the fifth year, I had various experiences in artists’ associations and also on artistic residency projects in France and abroad. I am passionate about the creative experience and this curiosity has led me to practice other mediums such as sculpture and video.
With all these experiences, I decided ten years ago to launch a new challenge by taking up my first passion: painting.

I like to paint as one asks questions.

Painting is a way to share the experience of my life always in the making. A selfish and generous approach to sharing my vision of the world. This site is an opportunity for me to share in complete freedom the representation of my desires, my hopes, but also the doubts that mark my life.

The painter’s solitary approach is, in my opinion, similar to a quest: an aspiration to happiness.

Of course my quest for happiness interests no one but me. Don’t see any bitterness or fatalism in it, it is the same for you. The practice of painting forces me to think about myself first, then the responsibility of sharing always questions me on the symbolism of the figures I use to express this path towards happiness.

Is there a possible shift between representing the aspirations of an individual and those of a collective?

Perhaps some of the paintings in the image of my story will allow you to identify with them. It is often for this reason, consciously or not, that one is attracted by a work. So trust yourself when you browse through my works and if one of them touches you particularly, you can acquire it at the studio price.

Art is for everyone! With this site, at first, I only sell small and medium size paintings in order to make my art accessible to everyone. But I also like to work in large format and the large paintings are visible on my other site: david-al.com

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