Off-series Painting collection

There are the works that I undertake in a reasoned way. I organize the idea and the way according to the rules of a pre-established device of creation. A way for me to condition the research of new forms.
And then there are the unclassifiable works: the off-series. These often spontaneous productions each have their own elaboration.
In charge of creative experiences that precede them, the works of this collection validate the exercise of a practice always in the making and also a way to air my habits.
Often the first impulse is given on a whim, by the discovery of an idea after a meeting, a reading or during a trip. It takes on the costume of a particular context.
Some of these improvised compositions lie dormant in a corner of the studio and remain without follow-up, but often they articulate the setting up of new series in painting.

This collection will be regularly completed by new original creations executed according to different techniques and on various supports (acrylic paint, oil paint, both at the same time, assemblies, collage, drawings, sketches, silicon modeling on canvas, wood...).