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The visible work of the painter always hides a part of unfinished work.
There are paintings that I choose to share with the public and then there are those that remain unfinished.
In general I detach these paintings to pile them in a corner of the studio and from time to time I consult them to understand the rebounds in my research.

This collection is based on the substitution of my failures in painting of all kinds to paintings announced as finished (extracts of paintings, colored backgrounds, canvases marked by the frames or torn). Like a great digger of the rest, the works also combine all that passes under my hand and intended to be waste (food packaging, greaseproof paper of a pie that I prepared and ate, cardboard, plastic...).
In this way, in total opposition to all that one can expect from art as an illusion of reality, these works are improvised compositions that exist only for what they are: unique works.
Like a collector, each of these fragile works is a specimen of a unique compositional moment and is sealed with a frame and placed under glass.


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