Scoria Painting Collection

The painter's work often hides a part of incompleteness. There are paintings that I decide to share with the public and others that remain unfinished. I usually take these paintings out of their frames and pile them up in a corner of my studio, examining them from time to time to understand the twists and turns of my research. This collection is based on the substitution of my painting failures of all kinds for the paintings announced as finished (parts of paintings, coloured backgrounds, canvases marked by the frames or torn). Like a great rubbish collection, the works also combine everything I can get my hands on that is destined to be thrown away (food wrappers, greaseproof paper from a cake I prepared and ate, cardboard, plastic...).

In this way, and in total contrast to everything that can be expected from art as an illusion of reality, these works are improvised compositions that exist only for what they are: moments of creation liberated for a unique result. Like a collector in search of new specimens, the fragile compositions are placed under glass and sealed by a frame, which I also paint.