Rider Painting collection

This series of paintings follows the collection "Quarantine in France" made during the time of confinement.
The change in the rhythm of life during the period of confinement proved to be a good opportunity to take a step back on my way of life. The reconsideration of my choices led me to seek a figure to express this posture.

Rider, a painting by David AL

The most convincing figure seemed to me to be that of the rider. The rider rides an animal to move. In the history of painting, the figure of the rider is often used to highlight the valour of a character, most often linked to a story of conquest or rebellion.
Here the quest is no longer that of a territory to be conquered outside oneself, but rather the rehabilitation of one's own space. Between desire and duty, if we take the time to listen to ourselves, there are all the stories we tell ourselves to be in the world. For me, it is a question of the agreed relationship between our intimate stories, the deeply desired ones, with the common story to try to live together in harmony.

Can the notion of sacrifice so present in our culture be exercised without annihilating our true desires?

The idea of inner movement and its potential turmoil in a near reality led me to engage a series of small formats as paths of consequence.
Love situations, movements of existence, return on oneself, claims, observations, reprimands, hallucinations, hope, origin, questionable beliefs and indoctrination are at the order of these productions.

All the paintings in this collection are square and measure 29x29cm each. I made this series using a combination of oil and acrylic paint.