Fake news garden

Oil & acrylic on canvas,
29x29cm, 2020


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    12255 jardin des fausses nouvelles david al

    Fake news garden


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    Fake news garden

    In December 2019 covid-19 makes its appearance. The first cases of pulmonary infection are identified and the symptoms that go with it. Quickly the infection spreads in the rest of the world and then quickly to our home. At home, where we were convinced that the information, the first traveler, would not have had the nerve to invite itself to present the reality. Like the epidemic, the information grows and adapts to our fears, our doubts: our beliefs.
    We then experience the blossoming of surrealism in reality. We all played in the garden of fake news!

    This painting is part of the Quarantine in France collection. This collection is approached as a map of all the sensitive information that may have emerged from the containment of the covid-19 pandemic.

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