I could have believed in you


I could have believed in you

The myth of men

When I was a child, John Paul II was an enigmatic character. Popular all over the world and widely publicized during his wanderings in his glass box, I did not understand why he generated so much excitement from the public. He was for me an untouchable doll, an extra terrestrial. Today I have come to understand the historical importance of the symbol, invested with a mission of political authority that only presides over the unity of all the dioceses governed by the bishops, in order to guarantee a generalized belief.

This original painting is part of the Rider collection of paintings, available for purchase only on Davidalstore.com.

Rider Collection

Painting realized at the end of the confinement linked to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in France, from April 7 to May 29, 2020.

Détails de l'oeuvre

Détails de l'oeuvre

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I could have believed in you

Oil & acrylic on canvas,
29x29cm, 2020


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