Before the words Painting collection

Our lives are woven together through encounters.

According to the philosopher François Jullien, the encounter is built around three senses: the unexpected (the encounter opens up an uncertain future), the face-to-face encounter in the moment (the encounter of staring) and finally the confrontation. The meeting contains in it a shock and a setting in tension. It produces a disempowerment of the subjects in their mastery, their autonomy.

I think we have all felt this disempowerment during an encounter.
Is there an image to speak about this moment?
The meeting of the object of art already exists and can generate in oneself a form of disorientation and perhaps an awakening on the certainties and the glance that one can carry on the world but in a more personal way when is it of the interiority of such an experience?

From this state of shock finally so fertile in the discovery of who we are in the face to face, I chose to treat the subject by operating a shift of the portrait towards the self-portrait of the spectator. Because through the other, the perfect reflection of who I am with my unacknowledged shortcomings or the one I am not yet and which attracts me so much, I waver, to finally see who I really am.

The subject of the meeting is always current and gradually, other paintings will come to be added to this collection.