She is the patient zero

Oil & acrylic on canvas,
29x29cm, 2020


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    12256 elle est la patiente zero david al

    She is the patient zero


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    She’s the patient zero

    This painting is my favorite of the series. At the time when everyone was looking for the person(s) responsible for this pandemic, I chose to make a robot portrait. My first reflex was to represent a man. As if men were the only ones responsible.

    I was raised with two older sisters in a really misogynistic environment and contrary to the situation, for me the image of the woman is that of a warrior who often has no other alternatives than to be discreet in a context that does not pay much attention to the value she represents. She is no less a warrior, quite the contrary. Fortunately, things are starting to move.

    You will notice the choice of postures for these portraits.

    les patients zero david al

    The man is engrossed in his suit while the woman is displayed with her back straight and naked, without appearances. The conviction always makes gain some centimeters more in the representation :). This vision of the woman may seem a bit outdated, but as a painter and master of my choices, I enjoyed myself. The mythological dimension and these excesses in the narrative is a vocabulary that attracts me in painting.

    The robot portrait of this woman is for me a strong symbol of certainty in the fight for truth and equity.

    This painting is part of the Quarantine in France collection of original paintings. This collection is approached as a sensitive map of all the information that may have emerged from the containment related to the covid-19 pandemic.

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