The prairie society

Oil & acrylic on canvas,
50x50cm, 2020


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    The prairie society


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    The prairie society

    The power of fictional entities and The power of the collective
    I made this painting after reading Sapiens written by Yuval Noah Harari.
    The major difference that distinguishes us from other species lies in our ability to tell ourselves stories and then give them meaning in reality. All the foundations of our society are based on fictions to which all humanity adheres (laws, rights, the power of money, business, politics…).  These collective beliefs allow homo Sapiens to cooperate in large numbers in reality.

    “It is imagination that allows Homo Sapiens to cooperate in such large numbers. As long as many people believe in the same idea, they can cooperate together”

    Yuval Harari

    From a simple fiction transformed into a generalized belief, the human species has considered its supremacy over the other species living on this planet. And it is by fire that the conquest of space has taken place in reality.

    This original painting is part of the “Off-series” collection of paintings for sale on davidalstore. This collection of spontaneous works leaves a place for the unknown in my production. It is the clock of a production in becoming for the realization of new original collections.

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