The chosen one

Oil and acrylic on canvas,
50x50cm, 2019


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    The chosen one


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    The chosen one

    The chosen one is designated. It is a person who can be chosen in spite of himself and who seems to have more aptitudes than the others to live a story, carry a message or symbolize an idea, a fantasy.
    I started this painting in a random way, without any idea beforehand with just the desire to represent. Sprays, stains, washes, scraping, wiping, frank flow of paint were the object of an intuitive approach for the designation of a subject: the chosen one.
    The subject is designated.
    The saint, the venerable, the martyr, the consecrated, the glorious, the anointed, the sacred but also the political.

    This original painting is part of the “Off-series” collection of paintings for sale on davidalstore. This collection of spontaneous works leaves a place for the unknown in my production. It is the clock of a production in becoming for the realization of new original collections.

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